After about a month of anticipation, we present to you the newly launched website. We are ready to start this project with contributions from you.... the students of EEB2.

We know there are a lot of great writers out there, and even more people with interesting ideas to share with other students. We are reaching out to you right now and addressing every writer, artist, any person with a sense of creativity or with an intellectual mind. We hope that the Woluwe Independent will become a collaboration with every one of you who have a passion for something and want to share it with others, establishing bonds, new connections, and starting discussions.

We invite you to submit any content you like- whether you just saw a great movie and would like to recommend it, or you’d like to discuss something that’s been on your mind-  a personal or a worldwide issue. It could be anything.  An essay or a couple of lines on a subject, whatever you feel is right. The WI is here as a platform for communication inside our school, so use it to share what you love, what you want others to notice, even if you choose to do it anonymously.

That being said, we will be waiting for your submissions. Don’t be shy and let’s get this show on the road!

 - The Woluwe Independent team.

FOR SUBMISSIONS, QUESTIONS, HATE MAIL : woluweindependent@gmail.com

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