A simple winter's tale

I heard a story long ago
About a distant land
Where lived a boy, hair white as snow
His name was Merriland.
The town he lived in was a bore
The train passed only twice;
The people there were very old
And didn't seem so nice.
Their eyes were green as emerald
They shined so bright at night;
Though many of them were just bald
No one had hair so bright.
Poor little boy named Merriland
He saw them stare and stare,
He bought a hat from a small band
The price of a train's fare.
He blended in without a sweat
He had turned into glass
And on the streets, brunette, brunette
"I think, produced in mass!"
The principal had a new girl
Standing beside; the frown
That Merriland just couldn't hide:
Her hair was simply brown.
A day of boring lessons passed,
The girl asked for advice
She did not know the town, she asked
"Where could I see wild mice?"
The boy did not expect to find
A person who thought too
That mice were cute, as in his mind
They weren't so taboo.
He led her to the yellow mill
Where farmers kept the rice
"Isn't it weird, that on this hill
Is where we find the mice?"
As the young girl looked at the floor
And then, the wind gave aid
The scary creaking of the door
Made the young girl afraid
So much that she jumped up so quick
So fast, her wig fell slow
Her brownish hair was just a trick
Her hair was white as snow.
She looked at him, so close to tears
But Merriland just smiled
He took the hat he had for years
She smiled a smile so wide.
But when they finally came back
The people blocked their route
Since mice were not to be observed
They wanted them both out.

They ran towards the marching band
Which took them in; they know
That they will smile in any land
The children of the snow.

by Vaida Plankyte

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