Top 3 TV Shows to binge-watch during the summer

Warning! All these shows are rated +16 and deal with mature themes, please keep that in mind if you decide to watch them.

You might have noticed advertisements for this show in the digital panels in the metro: this is because Orange Is The New Black just released its third season on Netflix in June. The summer break would be a great opportunity to catch up on this wonderful show (personally, it's my favourite show ever), or even start from the beginning. 

The Role of the Observer, the Self and Detachment

The world exists as a thing in itself and as an appearance through the senses of the observer. The world of appearances consists of things as we know them by the ordinary means of sense experience and scientific investigation, in other words the empirical world. For Kant these experiences are the phenomena that make up the world. This nature of duality in the world reveals our limitation of knowledge as we can never know the world as it is in itself, but merely how it could appear to us as scientists, philosophers or ordinary perceivers. As Schopenhauer beautifully puts it- “The world is your idea”.