Tender chocolate cake recipe (8 people)

This is an Italian recipe passed on to me by my aunt. I hope you like it! 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a recipe suitable for vegans or people with allergies to cow milk and/or eggs! 

General information:
Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking: 25-30 minutes

100g of butter
3 big spoons of milk
150g of sugar
200g of dark chocolate
A pinch of salt
60g of flour
3 eggs


Interview with 2016 Fashion Show Designers

Each year after a great day of Footfest, we look forward to seeing the talent of our students showcased in the fashion show. Several designers work all year long to make their collections “runway ready”. This past weekend, the model auditions took place. Students walked in front of the designers in hopes of being selected to be a model for their collections. We talked with Jenni Karhunen, Martina Murasso and Alessia Tosetti to find out more about it. We look forward to seeing their collections at this year's Footfest.


The Super Blood Moon


In the night between the 27th and the 28th, the moon was eclipsed by the Earth.

An eclipse happens when a celestial body obscures another one, making it completely or partially shaded; in this case, the Earth and the moon were the two bodies concerned.

The rare and strange thing about this eclipse was that the moon was not eclipsed the way it usually is. During this eclipse, the moon was at the nearest place that it could have been to the Earth, so the details we could see were incredible.
However, this time it also appeared red to the terrestrials, which is why it was called “blood moon” - this term having been used for as long as eclipses have been recorded.


Why We Should Help The Refugees

Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, in 2011, four million people have left the country, looking for better conditions of life elsewhere. To this day, countries like Turkey and Lebanon, which are geographically located near the war-torn country, have received and helped the great majority of the refugees. But now they are coming to Europe, and it is time for us to make an important decision, that will change Europe, and very likely the world.