Mock United Nations (M.U.N.) and EEB2's Future Team

On Friday 15 January, a group of EEB2 students braved the cold and snowy conditions to take a train to Wavre and walk two kilometres into the Belgian countryside to visit the international school of Le Verseau. The purpose of this excursion was to attend an M.U.N. training conference and discover what M.U.N. is all about. 

The group experienced an impressive simulation of the workings of the United Nations and received a lesson in United Nations vocabulary, diplomatic conventions and international relations. It was clear that the students at Le Verseau had gained immensely from the research work involved, the public speaking experience, the debating and the critical thinking – all of this while gaining huge experience of working together as a team. 

Some of our students were brave enough to immerse themselves immediately in the proceedings. Gustavs and Luuk took the floor and spoke to the audience without the benefit of any research time. 

The message was clear – we are ready for this challenge. Le Verseau have kindly offered to visit us in the future and run a full assembly here at EEB2. This time all our students will be fully involved and will have time to research their roles and prepare their thoughts. This will be a huge step forward in getting us ready for participation in M.U.N. events next year. 

By Colm Kehoe

Edited by Gustavs Zilgalvis

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