A time, a place

This painting is the first in one of four in a series of other paintings. This particular piece is called "a time, a place". The painting features many different techniques of mixed-media, including stamping, embossing and pasting. I painted it in the summer of 2016. The school year had been horrible. I was tormented by bullies at school. I couldn't take it. I started hurting myself, and also the people around me. The painting represents a version of me, a part of my personality. A happy person, living a care free life. Suddenly bad things start to happen to him. He is in constant agony. The painting represent him, on the verge of falling into a dark pit. A pit of self hatred, insecurity. A pit full of darkness. He hasn't fallen into the pit yet, but soon, he will. He still has some happiness inside of him, but soon, he'll be full of nothingness.

by Jonathan Hรถnig

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