Les Mini-Entreprises de EEB2

Cette année, plusieurs mini-entreprises ont vu le jour à l'EEB2. Oui, mais une mini-entreprise c'est quoi ?

Partout en Europe, on offre la possibilité aux jeunes étudiants (en S6 à l'EEB2) de découvrir le monde de l’entrepreneuriat et de le concrétiser d'avantage. Pour cela, des étudiants créent et gèrent leur propre entreprise pendant quelques mois d'une année scolaire.
Ils occupent chacun différents postes clés dans les départements ressources humaines, commercial, financier et technique, et développent des compétences qui leur seront utiles toute leur vie. En effet, les jeunes perfectionnent non seulement leurs techniques de vente, mais apprennent également en quoi consiste vraiment la gestion, la publicité, le marketing, la comptabilité et plein d'autres notions encore. Vous avez sûrement déjà entendu parler des mini-entreprises de notre école ; mais qui sont-elles vraiment ?

Why should we develop a critical mind?

In present day society, there are numerous ways of thinking, which are cut off from us – not because we’re incapable of them but because various blockages have been developed and imposed to prevent people from thinking in such ways. Being open-minded and having the capacity to see things from more than one point of view is a virtue that people should be encouraged to strengthen from an early age and which can often be found absent in parents and teachers – the people who are responsible for our education. Thus we must take it upon ourselves to not naively accept what is placed in front of us as the only option and use reason and creativity as the tool to free us from the narrow sphere of thought that is adopted by most people in the world right now.


Short story: "Travelling in time"

The time machine has been invented. I look at my brother; I must have misheard. Quickly, I gulp down my cereal and slam the door shut.
The time machine has been invented. I turn my head. No, it can’t be, I must have misheard. Quickly, I push my books into my locker and hurry up the stairs.
The time machine has been invented. I close my eyes and shake my head. I must have misheard.
The time machine has been invented. I must be dreaming. Please, pinch me. My friend obliges. I don’t wake up. It hurts.
They’re looking for test subjects, volunteers. This is new.
My friend looks at me. Yes, we’re signing up.

The wary man in the lab coat stares at my chart, then at me, then at the chart again. I cross my legs. I nibble at my nails. I look down. You’re free to go.
The time machine isn’t what I expected. It’s small, insignificant. I didn’t even notice it at first. I stare at the tiny machine.
My blood is pulsing, my feet are tingling and I’m soaked in green light.
I was told not to touch anything. Just moving one little rock could change the passing of events. I could destroy human existence, with it the invention of the machine, my own conception would be undermined and I would have never lived. But could I then not stand here, not altering the time and therefore still being been born? But then I would exist to alter the time and then I would have changed it…No, I should stop these thoughts. This paradox proves to be too much for my simple-minded brain. 
The stench makes my nose curl. I open my eyes. I have exactly 2 minutes before I dissipate into thin air.



At 4:33 am, when the street was quiet
I was awake, pale skin glowing, fingers drumming
Eyes glazed, slouched over a computer screen
And I felt happy and miserable all at once
At 4:35 I turned off the lights but left the curtains open
Darkness seeping in, a thunderstorm roaring
A flash of light and a bellowing crack
And I was tucked into bed, safe
A thunderstorm sang me to sleep
Gave me peace from wakefulness
And when I woke up, I didn’t remember my dream
Or the way the bright light must have filled the room that night
When the thunderstorm sang me to sleep.

by Anonymous


'Where did the little spoons go?'

We've all stolen spoons before. No? Okay.

After about a month of anticipation, we present to you the newly launched website. We are ready to start this project with contributions from you.... the students of EEB2.

We know there are a lot of great writers out there, and even more people with interesting ideas to share with other students. We are reaching out to you right now and addressing every writer, artist, any person with a sense of creativity or with an intellectual mind. We hope that the Woluwe Independent will become a collaboration with every one of you who have a passion for something and want to share it with others, establishing bonds, new connections, and starting discussions.

We invite you to submit any content you like- whether you just saw a great movie and would like to recommend it, or you’d like to discuss something that’s been on your mind-  a personal or a worldwide issue. It could be anything.  An essay or a couple of lines on a subject, whatever you feel is right. The WI is here as a platform for communication inside our school, so use it to share what you love, what you want others to notice, even if you choose to do it anonymously.

That being said, we will be waiting for your submissions. Don’t be shy and let’s get this show on the road!

 - The Woluwe Independent team.

FOR SUBMISSIONS, QUESTIONS, HATE MAIL : woluweindependent@gmail.com