Mini sausage rolls

Mini sausage rolls
  • Mini sausages (or just cut normal sized ones)
  • Puff pastry (1 pack out of the fridge)
  • Mustard or ketchup (optional)
  • 1 egg yolk


The Debating club

We all know: "The importance of learning public speaking for young people today - that students who develop public speaking skills have a skill for life” (Mrs. Andries). This is why our school decided to start a Debating Club. The idea came from an article published in 'The Washington Post’ which explained that debating is needed for educational progress, for work and for full participation in democracy.

Our school was really amazed about the enormous response from the pupils. After so many applications the debate started thanks to Mr. Kehoe who has organized it with the help of other teachers. It was a program held during ten weeks (every Tuesday from January 20th to March 24th) at lunch time in the Prefabs. During this period all 72 students of years 4,5 and 6 who applied could participate in the debate. Furthermore everyone in the school who wanted to could go and watch it.


A simple winter's tale

I heard a story long ago
About a distant land
Where lived a boy, hair white as snow
His name was Merriland.
The town he lived in was a bore
The train passed only twice;
The people there were very old
And didn't seem so nice.
Their eyes were green as emerald
They shined so bright at night;
Though many of them were just bald
No one had hair so bright.
Poor little boy named Merriland
He saw them stare and stare,
He bought a hat from a small band
The price of a train's fare.
He blended in without a sweat
He had turned into glass
And on the streets, brunette, brunette
"I think, produced in mass!"

Why should we read?

In the light of the newspaper launch, we might sit back and ask ourselves as to why we should even waste part of our precious time reading. The outside world provides so much excitement and action, so why stay inside and pick up a book?
The answer is actually quite simple: contrary to popular belief, literature doesn’t close the door to the outside world; instead it opens many more than we’d normally not? have access to. Through books we can experience different cultures, societies and events that would, under normal circumstances, pass us by. Books make us understand the world better. For instance, the Renaissance itself is proof enough that printing is the key to spreading thoughts, opinions and information. Reading encourages critical thinking.


Pizza and the formula of the universe

My Daddy taught me that the universe has been expanding for a long time now; apparently it has been doing so ever since the Big Bang. Even Einstein said that, so it must be true. This means that before I eat a pizza I should at least wait 10 minutes before I start, because during that time my pizza is going to expand and then the volume of my meal will have increased whereas the calories won't. Additionally, since my stomach will also have expanded, it won't even trouble me to eat an even bigger volume of pizza.