Mock United Nations (M.U.N.) and EEB2's Future Team

On Friday 15 January, a group of EEB2 students braved the cold and snowy conditions to take a train to Wavre and walk two kilometres into the Belgian countryside to visit the international school of Le Verseau. The purpose of this excursion was to attend an M.U.N. training conference and discover what M.U.N. is all about. 

The group experienced an impressive simulation of the workings of the United Nations and received a lesson in United Nations vocabulary, diplomatic conventions and international relations. It was clear that the students at Le Verseau had gained immensely from the research work involved, the public speaking experience, the debating and the critical thinking – all of this while gaining huge experience of working together as a team. 



Tomorrow, subsequent to the break of day,
We will have lynched the one leading Rome astray.

The tyranny of the perfidious scourge eradicated,
His appetency for power never sated,
An insatiable, deleterious rapacity,
For power beyond human capacity.

No man ought ever to climb, to rise,
So high, whilst so feeble, so unwise,   
Assume the might of a god, an Olympian throne,
Shamed art thou, Rome, to such conduct condone!

When I pierce thy heart, Caesar, tomorrow,
Be sure, no regret, no sorrow shall follow,
When no golden ichor splatters from your veins,
But human blood, red blood, with scarlet stains.

Every honest man Caesar bamboozled and deceived,
Every honest man who credulously, naively believed,
Shall soon eulogise our cause, my name.
Throughout Rome shall resonate my fame!

Aye, Caesar, take heed!
For soon, every man in Rome shall be freed!


Footfest 2016 Logo!

We are excited to be the first to bring you the 2016 Footfest logo! The winner of the logo competition is Arthur Cherry, an S7 student from the French section. This logo was chosen by the general coordinators among 20 other drawings submitted.
Credits for digitizing it go to Evelina Anglickaite.

The logo will be printed on T-shirts for Footfest coordinators, crew and security.
Colors of the year? First suggestions are black for security, burgundy for crew and bright blue for coordinators, but this is not a final decision yet.

Are you excited for Footfest 2016? We definitely are!
Let us know what you think of the logo and what you are excited about for this year's Footfest.

by Sofia Brusa
Edited by Emilie Kerstens