Humans but No Humanity

At least 120 people dead, 352 wounded, 99 of them severely. Six attacks shook Paris last night on Friday, 13th November. 
17 people killed by a suicide bomber in Baghdad, Irak, on Friday at a memorial service for a militia fighter killed in batttle against the ISIS.
Suicide bombings in southern Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday 12th, kiling 43 people and at least 239 wounded victims. 

What do all of these attacks have in common? They were all sanctioned by ISIS.

Close-mindedness and intolerance are our biggest enemies these days. ISIS is chasing after innocent people for the belief that they are right and have for “mission” to kill anyone who does not follow their radical ideals, forcing thousands of people to seek refuge in other countries and causing nations to live in fear.

These terrorist attacks were committed by people who have no respect for human lives in general. What they follow is not a religion, and it certainly is not Islam. ISIS are against anyone not conforming to their ideas -Muslims included- and we have to all stand together if we want any chance of winning this long battle for humanity. 

Support in dark times!

"The people who died tonight were outside to live, drink, sing.
They did not know they had been declared war." - by @joannsfar
After the events that took place last night, the Eiffel Tower has turned off its lights throughout this day as a sign of mourning. Paris stood in support for the world when it needed it, and now everyone mourns for Paris and countless official buildings have displayed the blue, white and red colours.

"When the city of lights goes dark, the rest of the world lights up for her"

The Parisians opened the hashtag “Portesouvertes”,  to offer shelter for those still out on the streets at night. Do not use it unless it is to offer/ask for help, otherwise those who need it can't find the useful messages on the social media.

There has been a massive viral outpouring of support on different social media platforms, millions of people have used the #PrayforParis , to show their support as the world mourns. Facebook has added new feature which allows Facebook users the put a French flag over their profile pictures.

Here at EEB2 we understand how much diversity and union is needed for a society to grow. There is not so much we can do, but the most important thing is to stand with the victims and know who committed these heinous crimes.
Offer support. To the families and friends of the victims. To the people who will get hurt in the backlash of the events. To our French students in our European schools. Tell the world that you do not agree with violent ideologies.

To show our support, most students of the European Schools will be wearing black on Monday to show their support for Paris and those who were killed and hurt in the attacks. 

Pray for Paris, Baghdad and Beirut. Stand for all those who need support against extremist violence.

-the WI Staff.


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