Interview with Mr Spronck, S7 conseiller

Presentation: My name is Christian Spronck, I'm married and I have two wonderful young twin daughters (14 years old). I graduated unlicensed as a teacher in maths and physics. I live in Liège, below Magne, and this is my third year at EEB2.

So being an educator wasn't your first choice?
Oh no, it's actually a long story... When I was sixteen I wanted to become a fighter pilot at the school Cadet de l'Air, at the Air Force; and at the same time I was completing my high school education, I was eighteen at the time. Eventually, I got my glider certificate! In the end I stopped because I didn't like the mentality of the Army. [piercing stare] Later, I did a year of maths at university but left because the atmosphere didn't suit me. However, I completed a teaching graduate in maths, which I liked more because there was more social interaction. I finished school in 1993 to become an educator for four or five years all over, I spent most of that time in a boarding school in Liège. What got me interested in being a teacher was understanding the problems that adolescents go through and trying to help them out.

How did you get here?
I later went back to high school as maths teacher, at the same school as Mrs Mirolo – I had her son as a student!-, but after thirteen years in that school and in total twenty-eight in the same kind of establishments, I decided I wanted to leave, and that's when I applied to EEB2.

And here you are.
And here I am. Oh, I also worked as a teacher in a prison.

Thanks a lot for this recap... Tell us about your typical day.
I first begin with a big smile [laughs]. Once I'm at school, I check the absences and lateness.

It's not too frustrating?
No, it's OK. [It clearly isn't] I also listen to students who are in trouble, since on top of the administration work, I'm also in charge of the students. It's an important job. Finally, I'm also in charge of the organisation for the bac – it demands a lot of work, that's for sure. I've been working on it for two years now.

What do you dislike about the European school?
No student coming out of high school is ready, they just don't know what they want to do. The level of certainty is simply way too low, and pursuing your studies or whatever comes after becomes difficult. I also find myself puzzled by certain things that happen in the school, or wrong ideas that can spread around very quickly. Then again, no school is perfect.

Indeed. So, what do you particularly like about it?
Of course, the big advantage of languages, which we don't often find in other schools, and also that the level of the teaching is as good as that of the other ones. The international exchanges, the cultural mix are clearly a strong point.

What would you like to change here?
Many things, but it isn't easy at all because this is a huge school, which also already has its traditions and a way of doing things that isn't necessarily good all the time... We should start by making students aware that they have to be autonomous and take care of themselves, making them more responsible. As for me, I try to properly integrate the SMS system in the school's functioning, to improve how the absences justifications are dealt with and so on. Of course, I also try to do my job well.

You do.
Thanks a lot, it's very nice to hear. I do my best. 

Let's approach your life outside of the professional environment. What interests you?
I am crazy about motorbikes, and I go on many excursions with them at Liège. I am completely devoted to my family, and also to my dog. It's a big beast.

What breed?
Chihuaha. [laughs] I also like doing crafts and gardening, especially to relax a little bit.

What do you have to say about culture?
That I am very proud of my roots, I really care about them. I am also open to other cultures, for example I am quite interested in Buddhism. I also really appreciate Chinese culture, the zen attitude...

Freestyle. Other things you like?
Going to France and Holland, just to jump in a multicultural world. Another one of my passions is, of course, Star Wars! I even have SW sport shoes, lots of figurines and laser sabers; I'm a big child! I actually bought Legos for my daughters... but they were actually for me! [laughs] I also play on the Nintendo DS.
I'm also really happy to be here, it's been a very enriching experience – even my English has gotten better! And I love my students. Another thing I try to keep in mind is to never go with reluctance. In a world like ours, you've got to know how to keep your smile on your face.

Good lesson. Can we talk about your tattoos?
I have my right arm fully covered, but I try to keep it hidden because it can annoy a few parents. I've got the lyrics of a song by Depeche Mode, “Enjoy the silence”. It's exactly what it says, that you have to enjoy the peace from time to time, to reflect. I also have the name of my wife and my daughters a bit higher on my shoulder. No piercings though.

Any last thing?
Honestly, I'm really grumpy, but to each their own personality!

Thanks a lot for everything.
You too! Have a nice day.


  1. Great job! can you do this for the other conseillers ?

    1. We might work on that, thank you for the idea! You are probably referring to the other two S7 conseillers?

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